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Affordable business solution in a thriving community

The Gap

Professionals and new families are looking for business that are accessible to their lifestyle needs.

Commercial Development

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Forget about customer search and marketing.

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Invest safely and without commitment.

Decentralized sales.

Watch your sales and your investment grow with a direct service.

What It Could Mean

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Increase in sales and real estate market

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A new lifestyle place for retails and business owners

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A thriving community for everyone

Our Roadmap

2024 - 2025

Phase 2

30 slots Market Making positions.

Producto max stock value 100$

2029 - 2030

Phase 4

500 slots Market Making positions.

Producto max stock value 250$

2022 - 2024

Phase 1


10 slots Market Making positions.

Producto max stock value 50$

2025 - 2026

Phase 3

150 slots Market Making positions.

Producto max stock value 150$


Phase 5

unlimited automatic slots Market Making positions.

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Listing interface coming soon.

Cost Estimate


Engineering Services


Architectural Services


Project Planning





Get one month access to a valid sales slot to sell products in Europe with an initial investment of 1500$ in BQF ("retailers get rewarded with Qi automatically in their wallets also") of no holding commitment, send an email to "" with the tx and your wallet address to confirm the transaction and that you are the owner.

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We will then reply with an @mail indicating a private group where we will verify that you are the owner of the transaction to start selling your product, for the moment we only accept products that can be purchased on Alibaba.

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Try now and get one month for free!

If you sell your position in BQF you will have to buy again before the end of the month in order not to lose your slot and you will only be able to change your product once a month.

Your only concern will be to know which product will lead you to success!

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Choose the Correct One

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